Fast International Delivery Solution

For customers who need even swifter delivery times, P2P offers an impressively quick Express delivery service. This helps you meet high expectations head on, with fast international delivery assured no matter the distance between you and your customers. We deliver next day to Europe, in 1-2 days for the USA and 2-4 days for Asia.

P2P Delivery Service - Express - International Fast Delivery Solution
  • Air & road transportation to over 220 countries and territories
  • Full integration into existing service platform

Express parcel service for road & air

With today’s consumers expecting an express delivery service as a standard option, P2P help our clients stay up to speed. Our Express solution guarantees your packages are distributed quickly across 220 countries and territories, whether it’s on the road or in the air.


Straightforward Pricing

We aim to make every aspect of our Express parcel delivery service as transparent and effortless as possible. Our clear and straightforward pricing ensures your customers can checkout confidently, knowing that their package will arrive at the right time for the right price.

Weight allowance

Cooperative Weight Allowance

We are committed to keeping our delivery solutions flexible for our clients. That’s why we’ve made the weight range of our Express delivery service as inclusive as possible, covering between 0.5kg and 1000kg per item.


Full Integration into Existing Systems

Our Express delivery solution plugs directly into your website through our seamless integration process. Smart APIs and the support of our expert team mean you can easily create, cancel and track deliveries on their rapid journey to your customers.

Powered by FedEx
Powered by FedEx